Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Pinning Attempt...

Okay here's the deal. There are so many things I always want to do, try, make, etc. And now that I'm addicted to Pinterest, the list is ever growing. So, I made myself a deal... I want to attempt one new pin every week. This is going to be quite the challenge, but totally worth it! Last week, I successfully did this by trying out this fabulous cinnamon roll cake recipe, which I shared last week! Hmm... I think this is a great goal to have... kind of a new year's goal, but a goal to make sure I fully enjoy life and take moments to do those things I want, after all, Pinterest could more or less be mistaken for my bucket list, okay and dream/wish list.

Anyways, be sure to follow me on Pinterest! I'm on a mission to find this weeks pin. I will let you know next week what it was and how it went. In the meantime, go make the cinnamon roll cake recipe, it was absolutely delicious!

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