Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Pendant Lighting with Lampshades

When we were redoing, okay gutting our main floor, I had the perfect image for the lights I wanted over the island. There was just one problem - the $ price tag. The lights I wanted started at $160 each! If anyone knows me, they know I wouldn't spend that on a light no matter how much I loved it.

So, I got creative. (Please excuse all ceilings... I need to get them painted!)

diy pendant lighting with with lampshades by martha.anne

In fact, back in the summer I even took a picture with my phone of the exact fixture I bought so I could share my steal with you. Lets just say we did both lights for $60. Are you ready for it? Here goes.

So, here are the style I wanted:

Ballard Designs - $299

Placed like this:


In white with a silver post. (Can't find that picture?)

And here is what I have:

diy pendant lighting over kitchen island by martha.anne

Spaced like this:

diy pendant light with chrome / silver post and white lampshade by martha.anne

In white with a silver post :o)

diy pendant lighting for $30 by martha.anne

How did we do it? First, we bought two glass pendant light fixtures from Home Depot for $20 each, where the glass was removable.

Home Depot light fixture

Then we bought the JONSBO lamp shades from Ikea for $10 each.

JONSBO lampshade from Ikea

First I removed the glass from the light fixture, then before the hubby installed it, slid the Ikea lamp shade down the post so that it would rest on the fixture. And, voila. Install and complete. Why pay over $300 when you can have these beauties for only $60. And... if you cut the lamp shade wire for easy on and off, you could also change out the shade to match seasonal decor!

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  1. Thanks for linking your amazing Pendant Lighting DIY to It's Party Time!! Love your tute and how beautiful your new lighting is!! Your kitchen is gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks for re-posting it this week in your linky party. I'll be adding your blog to my new featured section and can't wait to participate in your future parties! Hopefully my full kitchen will be revealed soon. :o)

  2. Featured you today here! Hope you will share more of your creativity today at It's Party Time!! Have a great week :D

  3. Your pendant lights turned out beautiful and perfect in that space! I've got this linked to my pendant lights DIY post too today, for inspiration!

    1. Wow thank you! I will definitely put you on my mentions page. :)