Friday, February 17, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday" | Ikea Kitchens

An extra long weekend for me, I thought I'd get my Friday post wrapped up early! This weekend brings all final touches to the house, a massive cleaning and moving of unneeded options to the in-laws basement! You guessed it, the listing agent comes Wednesday to take pictures and put the sign in the front lawn. It's hard to believe it's already here. So, while I missed my pin attempt this week, I certainly can't miss Favorites Friday. Last weekend we stopped by the new Ikea in Ottawa and I fell in love with a few pieces they have, as well as a few kitchens... so, today's subject is five favorite Ikea kitchens. Enjoy!

Trendy Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Designs

White Ikea Kitchen

Chad Eisner Trendy Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Design

Family Kitchen Design by Ikea

White Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Okay, so if you haven't guess it I'm pretty much a sucker for white kitchens... although gray is slowly growing on me! The second picture is my absolute favorite, while it came up as an Ikea Kitchen, I'm not 100% it is after analyzing it... SO, I apologize if it isn't... but it's just so beautiful! And of course the last one with the mix of grays and white is beautiful! Have a great weekend out there... if I find time I'll try and make up for my missed pin attempt post and do it on the weekend... if not, see ya Monday...

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