Friday, October 12, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday" | Food and Such

Another "Favorite's Friday"... and since I've been so lazy at blogging this week, I knew I had to get something out to you. The truth is, I'm actually sitting here doing some "emergency" work for the corporate career, waiting for an email to get back to me so I can finish it up. So, I thought what better time to fill the empty pages of my blog... which, did I tell you I have 2050 views on!! Yay! Now if I could get people to write back to me I'd be super excited! Until then, it's a pretty lonely space filled with my babbling... :o)

Okay, one more thing before I cheat my way through a post... because I'm definitely sharing some Pinterest pics... <sorry!> Anyways, I was thinking of selling jewelry. I've done it before at my friend's spa (check it out - The Willow Wheat Spa) and I did well. I would order it in and instead of owning a store, she let me "rent" (free) some space to sell it. It was a way to fulfill my dream of having a store... by like 1%. Anyways I've been thinking for a while and searching the internet for some great pieces and have came across some more I'd like to sell, only this time I'm thinking of selling it online - more like a virtual store. So, what do you think? I will share the pics of them in a blog soon, I promise... and maybe you can let me know what you like / don't like. And hey, what the heck, maybe it will blossom into a beautiful thing... and I can finally work from home!

Okay, enough rambling, here's my favorites for this beautiful friday... which might I add had the quick appearance of snowflakes... Err! Here goes. My five favorite recipes I must try soon on the "food & drink." board, and might I say, I tried to choose the healthy ones:

Buffalo Chicken Rolls (recipe)
can you stay for dinner.
Baked Cheddar-Broccoli Rice Cups (recipe)
daydream kitchen.

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells (recipe)
proud italian cook.

Sweet Potato Cauliflower Soup (recipe)
manifest vegan.

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin (recipe)
healthy is always better.

Let's eat. Of course I couldn't forget dessert... and they're made with apple sauce and greek yogurt... so go nuts! Okay just have one... anyways, everyone have a great weekend out there - try to stay warm.

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